• Designed by Project Managers, for Project Managers

Designed by Project Managers, for Project Managers

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Project managers want to enter data once, and use everywhere, but ensure fine-grain control over what gets reported so they only get the help they need and avoid unnecessary distractions

While Project Management tools can help the project team with its project, Enterprises need coordinated visibility across hundreds of projects at any one time – spread across dozens of teams from anywhere in the organisation.

The Agile Enterprise is about empowering your teams to choose the right method for the right project, while being able to pull data from across the portfolio together for a birds-eye view to support enterprise decision making.

Why Zeno.PM?

The Problem

The lag time from project activities to enterprise decision making can be several weeks.  In addition, As large projects are broken up into many smaller ones, the increasing volume only exacerbates this already delayed information flow as data is manually aggregated for enterprise decision making. 

The Vision

What if there was a simple, cloud-based solution, that was lightweight yet powerful enough for the enterprise, focused on reducing the manual and repetitive reporting tasks for the project manager?  A pair of veteran senior project managers set out to achieve just that!

The Solution

Discover modern Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management – unifying data across all project types, automating reporting activities, so that AI and analytics can be used to provide timely and contextual insights, helping enable and govern the Agile Enterprise.

3-Steps to reinvent the Enterprise PMO

From producing reports to providing insights

Enterprises need to coordinate hundreds of projects at any one time, using either agile or waterfall methodologies, with teams using a variety of project management tools. Zeno.PM brings together all your project data in a timely and contextual way for Executives to make data-driven decisions and govern the Agile Enterprise.

Optimising both simple and complex tasks that are performed routinely across the project lifecycle saves valuable time. Zeno.PM’s automation capabilities in generating whole of portfolio views, data aggregation to programs and portfolios, push button report generation enable PMO’s to refocus on providing insights from data.

Project insights up to now have only been able to draw on structured data sources – for example, Red, Amber, Green status values. Zeno.PM uses its patent-pending AI to capture project insights from unstructured data sources previously unavailable at scale to PMOs – for example, sentiment of delivery teams, to provide a more complete view of portfolio health, earlier.

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