2018 – A year of many firsts…

by:admin October 26, 2023

As 2018 draws to a close, we look back on yet another busy year at Level35. The life of a young company is never easy. As a founder, you find yourself stretched between a seemingly never-ending list of competing priorities. What’s important is being able to work through them and keep knocking them over. Some are exciting; new customer experiences, product releases, meeting people whose problems you are looking to solve. Some, not so much, but vitally important to ensure you keep things ticking along.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of our clients and partners – so thank you.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday season.

Here’s a few points on what we achieved in 2018 – a true year of firsts…

– Rebranding to Zeno.pm. Simply coming up with a name was hard enough. Let alone securing the domain, logos and re-coding EVERYTHING. We loved OneView but unfortunately there are a lot of One Views out there so we needed to differentiate. We acknowledge the help of First Five Eight in the creation of Zeno.pm and the associated digital marketing efforts. We will build on this in 2019.

– Appointing the first new director to join our two founders. We welcomed David Yip on board. David has known us for over 3 years and brings with him a wealth of experience in sales, business development and commercial management. David’s recent experience with IBM and APC underpins his extensive capabilities while his most recent engagement prior to joining us was in AI; an area David is passionate about and one that is central to our product roadmap.

– User growth was consistent with our two foundation customers each more than doubling the previous year’s numbers. We’ve surpassed the first 1000 user mark and now look forward to the second big milestone!

– Conferencing and ‘getting out there’. We took part as a sponsor in our first interstate conference: “Digital Government 2018”. Held in Sydney’s Swissotel hotel, this exposure allowed us to get our name out there and connect directly with current and prospective customers. It was invaluable to help us understand the hot topics, with agile governance, benefits management and hybrid methodology (waterfall+agile) being consistent themes of conversation.

– Ongoing development in next generation technologies. For those that know us, you’d be aware we have been developing and integrating a range of cognitive assets as part of the platform. Combining sentiment and conventional indicators to help keep the project on track provides some truly unique opportunities. Stay tuned… we have lodged our first patent application!

– On the product side, the updates and features we tweaked/added are too numerous to mention. In addition to some major back-end upgrade work across our whole MS tech stack, we built our ‘zeno boards’ to give customers an integrated agile tool kit. We extended the cognitive capabilities and as mentioned above, will be announcing some really cool stuff early in the new year. We built out our reports, developed and published APIs for 3rd party connectivity, modified and added more menu options, improved security, integrated with Forticode to delivery true multi-factor authentication, refreshed our support materials and continued simplifying the navigation and improving our UX.

– And of course our first Christmas party… well, Christmas drinks

We look forward to 2019 with great enthusiasm and sincerely hope you will be part of our journey.