Agile, Waterfall & everything in between

The largest movement in recent years has been the development of Agile and iterative methodologies for project delivery. Initially the domain of software development, Agile now extends throughout all parts of the organisation and most project managers find themselves using Agile ceremonies, terminology and performance measures in some degree.

No matter what methodology you choose, all projects need to deliver ‘something’ to ‘someone’ at ‘some time’ and so management of project data assets is a must.


  • Gantt Editor The Zeno.PM Gantt Editor is a perfect way to visualise and display your project delivery pathway. A single spot for milestones, deliverables, tasks and activities; any project can be represented here. If you are using sprints, or timeboxing, simply represent these on your Gannt and report as you do for any other milestone or deliverable.
  • The right tool for the right job We believe that like most tasks, projects too require the right tool for the right job. Heavily iterative or valueshifting projects still require governance and a mechanism for reporting and the management of risks and issues. Day to day though, work is likely to be in one of the many agile project management tools on the market. Larger projects, with integrated subprojects, dependencies and strict resourcing demands may be best in MS Project. If that’s the case, no problem, simple capture the key reportable items in Zeno.PM to ensure your stakeholders are across progress and problem areas.


* Integrations are coming for the most popular agile and iterative project management tools stay tuned!