Enterprise Project reporting made easy

Capture, track and report on all your project, program and portfolio data. One source of truth, with all the features you need.

Secure hosting, data management and all the latest security controls. Single Sign On and full user administration. Disaster recovery and business continuity support.
Project Plans
Seamlessly import project plans from MS Project for tracking in Zeno.PM. Push plans out of Zeno.PM in xml format for ingestion into other tools.
Project Data
Import and export project data in a range of common file formats. Use Zeno.PM’s inbuilt ETL template to easily import all your existing data.
Import and synch datafrom your accounting system and track all project financials – baselines, forecasts and actuals. Roll up to programs and portfolios with a single click
Present your data using one of the 100+ pre-formatted reports and governance packs. Create ad hoc reports for all Zeno.PM data fields
Dashboard & Analytics
See everything in real time on project, program, portfolio and PMO dashboards. Extract, analyse and playback in Zeno.PM or via a host of available APIs
Сollaborate on projects with full control of who sees what. Access Zeno.PM directly from Microsoft Teams sites and keep everyone up to date

Enterprise Project reporting and Data aggregation doesn’t need to be complex.

Easily collect and report information for every project in your portfolio.

Zeno.PM – centralise, visualise and optimise you project investments

Manage all project information in one place then click a button to roll up to programs and portfolios

Spend less time hunting and gathering project information.
Zeno.PM seamlessly manages and presents project data from all sources.

Automate repetitive activities with push button reporting for projects, programs and portfolios. Aggregated data in one place, on time and easy to consume.

Quality information when it’s needed

Stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly with organised and consistently presented project information.

Ensure the right information gets to the right people in real time.

Zeno.PM’s Enterprise Project management dashboard and PMO features give you complete visibility.

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for every business

Easily set up and configure Zeno.PM to bring your project framework to life in no time

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that covers it all

Manage up-the-line reporting vs below-the-line tracking in one place

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Simple Portfolio management

Create and manage portfolios with instant project-level data aggregation

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Agile, Waterfall & everything in between

No matter the methodology, Zeno.PM can manage your project data assets for complete visibility

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Why Zeno.PM?

The Problem

The lag time from project activities to enterprise decision making can be several weeks.  In addition, As large projects are broken up into many smaller ones, the increasing volume only exacerbates this already delayed information flow as data is manually aggregated for enterprise decision making.

The Vision

What if there was a simple, cloud-based solution, that was lightweight yet powerful enough for the enterprise, focused on reducing the manual and repetitive reporting tasks for the project manager?  A pair of veteran senior project managers set out to achieve just that!

The Solution

Discover modern Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management – unifying data across all project types, automating reporting activities, so that AI and analytics can be used to provide timely and contextual insights, helping enable and govern the Agile Enterprise.

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