PPM for every business

Zeno.PM has been designed from the ground up to fit any business, in any industry. The out of the box configuration will get you going, but you can configure nearly all of Zeno.PM to fit your project management framework, governance regime or simply just your operational ways of working.



  • Branding make it look and feel like you right away. Upload your company or business logo and A4 .ppt report pack pages for use in all of Zeno.PM’s reports
  • Workflows and Stage gates – From ideation to closure, set up workflows and stage gates that reflect the way you operate. From simple pipeline/delivery to all the stages in PRINCE2, Zeno.PM can be configured to fit.
  • User Administration – Easily add and manage your users and what they can do and see within the system. Enable simple everyone sees all to more defined and granular access, visibility and permissions.
  • Configuration items – Adjust any of the configuration items used in Zeno.PM’s many forms
  • System configuration options – Start light and enable more and more of Zeno.PM’s features as you get going with our simple functionality check-box
  • Resource profiles – If you have different resource types or costs, say between technology and the business, you can create different profiles to ensure total control and visibility of resource utilisation & cost
  • AI control – Be in total control of where your data goes. Adjust the level of external data visibility to the outcomes you are looking for from AI data processing
  • Other – Zeno.PM also allows for entry of your strategy and business objectives, product or service catalogue, risk framework and even custom fields to ensure everything can be tracked in the one place