Reporting that covers it all

Reporting is where it all started… Zeno.PMs suite of reports will have whatever you need. Consistent, wellpresented and comprehensive presentation is key to ensuring decisionmakers have what they need to efficiently process information and make the best decisions.


Project A host of reports covering all projectlevel data and information requirements


  • Project Status Reports
  • Project report packs for Steering committees and governance Boards
  • Milestone/deliverables
  • Financial Reports
  • Risks and Issues
  • Dependencies, benefits and changes
  • Bespoke ‘pivot’ reports for any and every field within Zeno.PM
  • Available in .pdf, .xls, .doc, .ppt and other formats


Program and Portfolio As for project, but these reports also leverage Zeno.PM’s ‘onebutton’ data aggregation meaning program and portfolio summary data can be reported on as easily as the project level data.


  • Program/Portfolio report packs with aggregated project level data for all data types
  • Executive summary reporting
  • Project on a page summaries
  • Strategic alignment & business objectives
  • APIs covering nearly all data fields for easy ingestion into PowerBI or your favourite MI tool


PMO PMOs have specific requirements to see across the organisation. Whether a formal PMO or just the person responsible for managing and administrating Zeno.PM, we’ve got you covered.


  • Instance dashboards see it all at a glance!
  • Data upload ETLs to get your data in quickly and efficiently
  • Summary and executive reporting across ideation, pipeline and delivery
  • Resource management utilisation, availability, timesheeting
  • Concept & Initiative briefs
  • Financials and funding management
  • Project auditing & assurance