Welcome to our Resources Page

Here you will find learning support, product information, technical documents and Zeno.PM set-up guides


Training Courses
Classroom style video training courses covering the

major components of Zeno.PM

Rolebased inductions
based, aimed at key features based on the
role people will take

Deep Dives
These videos cover more in
depth training for
specific Zeno.PM features

How To’s
Short, sharp and to the point; these videos are

designed to quickly show how to perform

common tasks in Zeno.PM


PowerBI connectivity
This guide provides a detailed overview of how to

connect to
PowerBI through APIs. This instruction
document will run through setting up a typical API


Setting up SSO via AzureAD
This configuration guide will take you through

the steps required to
Setup an entry in AzureAD
so that Zeno.PM can be connected to your

identity provider

Connectivity & Integrations
This simple graphic highlights some of Zeno.PM’s

potential integration and data ingestions.

Note we are adding more integrations all the


This document provides a high
level overview of
Zeno.PM’s core Security features


Log a Support ticket
This function can be used to access our Service

Centre. Request support, discuss new features or

call out a bug. We love hearing from you, no matter


Knowledge Base
Search and access a number of common


Zeno.PM QuickStart Guides
These are short, comprehensive guides that

cover the key steps required to get you started

with Zeno.PM

Access to some of our standard policies and

reference documents