Revolutionize Your Project Management: How AI is Transforming Data Quality and Completeness

by:admin October 26, 2023
The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and it’s no surprise that project management is jumping on the bandwagon. But what if we told you that AI could drastically improve your project data quality and completeness right now, without breaking the bank or introducing a requirement for complex technology management?

The reality is that most articles on AI in project management focus on the future, making grand predictions of what’s to come. But the truth is that AI can already help automate project tasks, provide analytics for better schedule and budget management and enhance risk management, benefits tracking, and dependencies visualisation.

The challenge lies in the accuracy and completeness of the data needed for AI to deliver on these promises. Project data is complex and requires physical input and updating, leaving room for human error and inconsistent quality. There is of course also the limits of the individual perform performing the task; their experience, maturity and effort.

That’s where AI comes in. By leveraging AI capabilities, project managers can now improve data quality and completeness, even with limited resources. With AI-powered tools like Zeno.PM with integrated ChatGPT, you can ensure that project data is taken from the best minds available online and delivered with a speed and degree of accuracy that was never possible before.

Imagine having a comprehensive project data landscape that underpins a real-time view of how you are tracking with your initiatives, deliverables, resources, risks and benefits. With AI, this dream can become a reality. By improving the quality, completeness, and coverage of your project data, AI can help you make more accurate and timely decisions that ultimately drive successful business outcomes.

Don’t wait for the future to arrive – start building the foundation for your AI-driven project portfolio today. Zeno.PM has ChatGPT integrated and at your fingertips; built right into the forms you use every day. Ask ChatGPT to build you a scope, collect assumptions and constraints. Get it to list business outcomes and project risks. The searching, collation and validation is done for you, with no copy and paste, utilising the best data available on the internet. Once you’ve reviewed what’s been returned, simply select what you want and Zeno.PM handles the rest.

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