Simple Portfolio management

Effective Project Portfolio Management no longer requires extensive domain knowledge, resources and years of experience. Every organisation runs multiple projects and change initiatives. With Zeno.PM you can easily create portfolios aligned to investments, products/services, geographic regions or business units, then aggregate project level data up for a comprehensive view across your entire landscape.


  • Portfolio creation Simply create a portfolio and assign the projects and programs you want to include. Zeno.PM does the rest. Every piece of data entered for projects is available at the aggregated portfolio level.
  • Assignment of projects There are no rules or restrictions in how you assign projects to portfolios. Typically, programs are stricter given the interdependent nature of projects, but with portfolios, you can have the same project appearing in more than one portfolio giving you the ability to really manage and align your initiatives with the outcome or stakeholder group.
  • Oneclick aggregation Zeno.PM’s aggregated portfolio (and program) dashboards make it simple to roll everything up for that consolidated view. One click and all the project level data is rolled up and available for review, reporting and analytics
  • A smorgasbord of reports and analytics As for all of Zeno.PM, data in means information and insights out. There are a full suite of preformatted reports at the aggregated portfolio (and program) level. These include steering committee and governance packs which pull everything together at the top level with onepage summaries attached for projects, executive summary reports and .xls extracts, finance, benefits, strategic alignment… the list goes on. There’s sure to be one you can use right out of the box!