Zeno Academy

by:admin October 26, 2023

We are very proud to introduce the Zeno Academy!

The Academy will be where you can find all support resources relating to Zeno.pm. This will include:

1. Training courses – Both pre-designed and modular training courses to support users in their take-up of Zeno.pm. Foundation and advanced are the cornerstone sessions but in addition to these, you will be able to choose your modules, or work with us specifically to choose a training syllabus that works for you; on your instance, using your processes and configuration.

2. Topics of interest – From time to time we will add special interest topics or extended use cases that show how Zeno.pm is (or can be) used to address more complex or involved PPM requirements. Typical examples in here would be setting up hybrid methodology projects, program dependency management and portfolio benefits management.

3. Live classrooms – to cover training for remote or disparate users. These will be interactive sessions that essentially cover a common (or customer-defined) syllabus but will take place at an agreed time.

4. Webinars & Community of Practice – We are also hoping the Zeno Academy will become a resource pool for longer/more detailed sessions that may bring together a number of topics, new feature releases and more ‘outcome based’ content that is of interest to our users and their organisations.

5. In-tool integration – We will also be exploring access to the Academy directly from Zeno.pm. The intent here is that you will be able to access training modules directly from the tool when in certain areas. We are looking to integrate this with our help function and ultimately, our virtual assistant via AI.

So please, let us have your feedback! We want to know about anything that you feel would help with the uptake and use of Zeno.pm.